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Mr. Cooper's Students

Mr. Cooper & 7th Grade Students

Mr. Cooper’s 7th grade social studies fund raiser to help the Doctors Without Borders was a success.  Our goal was to raise $1000.  Today I am happy to send $3880 to this organization.


I did not want the kids to just go home and beg you for money (although I am sure some did).  I wanted them to work for it.  I wanted them to do something extra around the house to earn the money to donate.  I surveyed my classes and most students raised their hand to indicate they did something extra to earn the money.  Some returned bottles, some babysat, and some did extra chores around the house or for grandparents.


Because we raised the $1000 I promised the students they could choose a torture for me to do.  Since they went above and beyond I let them pick two.  Later this month I will be teaching in a blow up sumo wrestler suit, and I am currently growing a beard (not approved by my wife). 


Scott Cooper