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New Books @ Brownell!

  •  Falling Over Sideways

    Falling Over Sideways

    by Sonnenblick, Jordan Year Published: 2016

    Harassed at her middle school, not taken seriously at home, and with a "perfect" older brother, Matthew, to live up to, thirteen-year-old Claire has always felt like her life was cursed--then one morning, when she and her beloved father are talking at breakfast, her father suddenly falls over with a stroke, and suddenly everything changes.

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  •  Fannie Never Flinched

    Fannie Never Flinched: One Woman's Courage in the Struggle for American Labor Union Rights

    by Farrell, Mary Cronk Year Published: 2016

    Traces the life of Fannie Sellins, a union activist who traveled the nation promoting fair wages and decent working and living conditions for workers in the garment and mining industries.

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  •  Florence Nightingale

    Florence Nightingale: The Courageous Life of the Legendary Nurse

    by Reef, Catherine Year Published: 2017

    "A biography for young adult readers on Florence Nightingale, the pioneering nurse best known for her work during the Crimean War, where she rectified horrifying conditions and made nightly rounds to check on patients, saving hundreds of lives and sparking worldwide healthcare reform"-- Provided by publisher.

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  •  Level the Playing Field

    Level the Playing Field: The Past, Present, and Future of Women's Pro Sports

    by Rutherford, Kristina Year Published: 2016

    Examines the effort being made to bring gender balance to sports, and looks at the history, legends, current stars, and future trends of women's professional sports.

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  •  Sunker's Deep

    Sunker's Deep (Sequel to Icebreaker)

    by Tanner, Lian Year Published: 2016

    While Sharkey struggles to overcome the lie on which his charmed life is based in order to meet the challenges of a tragedy, Petrel, Fin, and the crew of the Oyster confront the Devouts to restore lost knowledge to the world.

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  •  The Best Man

    The Best Man

    by Peck, Richard Year Published: 2016

    "Archer has four important role models in his life--his dad, his grandfather, his uncle Paul, and his favorite teacher, Mr. McLeod. When Uncle Paul and Mr. McLeod get married, Archer's sixth-grade year becomes one he'll never forget"-- Provided by publisher.

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  •  The Creeping Shadow

    The Creeping Shadow (Series: Lockwood & Co. bk 4)

    by Stroud, Jonathan Year Published: 2016

    "A terrible crime forces Lockwood to turn to Lucy for help, setting them on the trail of dark secrets at the heart of London society. Both professionally and personally, their investigation stirs up forces they may not be able to control. . . "-- Provided by publisher.

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  •  The Golden Compass

    The Golden Compass: The Graphic Novel Volume 2

    by Pullman, Philip Year Published: 2016

    With the help of Gyptian fighters, witch allies, and her armored bear Iorek, Lyra attempts to rescue the children being held by the Gobblers in the far North.

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