The Role of the Schoolboard

In any school district, the role of the Board of Education includes:

diamond   Recruits, hires and evaluates the performance of the superintendent.
diamond  Establishes policy for the district and shares in policy development.
diamond  Helps translate the district vision into long and short-term goals. The board establishes the structure to accomplish the vision, and periodically evaluates the results.

diamond  Reviews and adopts the budget submitted by the superintendent and aligns the funding priorities with the district goals.
diamond  Approves recommended curriculum and texts based on standards, goals and policies established by the board. Review and evaluate curriculum as it relates to student assessment results.
diamond  Adopts policies governing salaries and salary schedules, terms and conditions of employment, fringe benefits, leave and professional development and employee evaluations.
diamond  Determines school facility needs and communicates proposed construction plans to the community.
diamond  Adopts policies governing school-community relations, advocates for the public school system and remains responsive to community ideas and needs.
diamond  Evaluates the performance of the board and provides feedback for personal leadership development.
diamond  To efficiently and transparently fulfill these responsibilities, as outlined by the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB), the Grosse Pointe Board has established a governance model.