Brownell Middle School

260 Chalfonte, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

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Title First Name Last Name VoiceMail Email Assignment
Mr. Robert Abel 432-5202  World Language/Industrial Technology
Ms. Toni Abud 432-5448 SRC Special Education
Ms. Taylor Barczyk 432-5325 Lifeskills
Mrs. Bonnie Berschback-Moyer 432-5240 Math 6
Mrs. Andrea Brennan 432-5646 Science 7 & 8
Ms. Margaret Bubeck 432-5276 Math 7&8/Math Dept. Chair
Mrs.  Carla Butcher ESL Assistant
Ms. Amy Jo Callaway Burke 432-5257 Social Studies 6/Acad Assistance
Mr. Walter Charuba 432-5812 Science 6
Mr. Arthur Chernecki Night Custodian leader
Mr. Kevin Cole 432-3905 Head Engineer
Mrs. Linda Cole 432-5355 ASD Special Education
Mrs. Margaret Cooper 432-5306 Social Studies 8
Mrs. Tracey Corden 432-5521 Social Studies 7
Ms. JoEllen Cumpata 432-5779 Speech
Mrs. Melissa Currier 432-5317 English 8
Mrs. Margaret D'Angelo 432-5319 Science 8
Mrs.  Christy Davenport 432-5421 Acad Assistance/Reading Foundations/English 7
Mrs. Susan Dempsey 432-5326 English 7/English Dept Chair
Mr. Peter Dettlinger 432-5329 Soc Stud 6 & 7/Soc Stud Dept Chair
Mrs. Ann Marie Diehl 432-3907 Classroom Assistant
Ms. Leslie Dolle 432-5829 Lifeskills
Mr. Dean Doss 432-5337 Instrumental Music
Mrs. Sharon Drew 432-5633 Math 6 & 7/Acad Assistance
Mrs. Tammy Duffield 432-5342 English 7 & 8
Mr. Corey Ernst 432-5353 Broadcast Journ/Info ELA 6/Journ
Mrs. Marie Fachini-Kurily 432-3914 Counselor
Mrs. Nicole Fekin 432-5602 Math 7
Mrs. Susan Fell 432-3916 Social Worker
Mrs. Laura Filar SRC Classroom Assistant
Mrs. Gina Francis 432-5371 Phys Ed/Athletic Dir
Mrs. Shelley Garland 432-5377 Narr ELA 6/Info ELA 6
Mrs. Carolyn Gross 432-5582 Vocal Music/Acad Assistance/Creative Drama
Mr. James Gross 432-5400 Instrumental Music
Mrs. Roberta Hall Custodian
Mr. Rodger Hunwick 432-3904 Principal
Ms. Susan Jordan 432-5848 Science 6 & 7
Mrs. Cherry Kimble-Bolden Custodian
Mrs. Lisa Klick Hall Monitor
Mrs. Mary Lapish 432-3913 Attendance Secretary
Ms. Christie Listwan 432-5206 SRC Special Education
Mrs. Darlene Lovelace 432-5499 Narr ELA 6/Info ELA 6
Mr. Ronald Mack 432-3970 Locker Room Attendant
Mrs. Holli McNally 432-3911 Assistant Principal
Mrs. Julia Miller 432-5515 Math 8
Dr. Angelike Niforos 432-3915 Counselor
Mr. Michael Novitke Custodian
Mrs. Rosemary Nuttall 432-5757 ASD Special Education
Mrs. Cheryl Owsen 432-3903 Secretary to the Principal
Mrs. Darby Paddock 432-5489 Librarian
Ms. Joanna Porvin 432-5605 World Language
Mrs.  Alma Reygaert ASD Classroom Assistant
Mrs. Margaret Rose 432-5802 Art/Academic Assistance
Ms. Caroline Scott 432-5661 Math 6, 7, & 8/Acad Assistance
Mrs. Sandra Shellnut 432-5612 Social Studies 7 & 8
Mr. Mark Sonnenberg 432-5805 Science 7/Science Department Chair
Mrs. Sharon Steen Student Center Classroom Assistant
Mr. William Taylor Lunchroom Supervisor
Ms. Linda Trombley ASD Classroom Assistant
Ms. Barbara Walsh ASD Classroom Assistant
Mr. Marc Weaver 432-5501 School Psychologist
Mr. Todd Whitefleet 432-5752 Computer Ed/Reading Foundations/Acad Assistance
432-3912 General Office Clerk