Parcells Middle School

20600 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236


Holt Math Textbooks

6th Grade: Course 1
7th Grade: Course 2

-Username: parcells1, password: u8e7v
-Click on Go to the Online Textbook.

-Choose a chapter from the pull down menu in the upper left.

-If you know the exact page, you can enter it next to “Page” and click “Go”.

 A highlight of resources available:

          Additional Practice tab
·         Chapter Resources- Interactive Practice Test: Students can take a practice test over 
         the whole chapter’s content.
·         Lesson Resources
         Each section has:
o   Interactive Practice Quiz- Students can review & practice concepts.
o   Homework Help- Students can get homework problem explanations.
o   Practice B worksheet.
Videos & Activities tab
   Lesson Videos - Each lesson is presented in video by a teacher.
   Interactivities - Students can explore concepts and skills.


Information about the Grosse Pointe Schools' Math curriculum and other helpful links: