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Principal:  Mr. Keith Howell
Office Clerk:  Mrs. Cathy Kinnaird  

2013-2014 School Hours

Monday Bell Schedule
9:05 am    Entry Bell

9:10 am    AM Instruction Begins  

11:56 am  Lunch Bell

12:44 pm  PM Instruction Begins

3:38 pm    Dismissal Bell


8:20 am   Entry Bell

8:25 am   AM Instruction Begins

11:36 am  Lunch Bell

12:24 pm  PM Instruction Begins

3:38 pm    Dismissal Bell


Monteith Pledge
I will be respectful and kind to others.
I will practice responsibility.
I will always be safe.
Today I will DO my best to Be my best

The Monty Song
Friendly little Tiger, Monty is his name.
Little Tiger Mascot, Monty we acclaim.
From the start he's been a part of all our work and play.
He's been here for every year to help us on our way.
Give a cheer together, Hip, Hip Hooray!
Friendly little Monty, Sing we everyday. 

Upcoming Events

Monteith is a 2013 Michigan Evergreen School! 

Visit this Rainforest Website each day to help save the Earth's resources

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